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Why Crafting Matters: The Act of Creating, Calm & Connection


More than ever, winter 2021 reminds us how precious family-time, friendships and time spent together is - especially during lock-down.  Pandemics and the subsequent lock-downs however - also have a way of offering us the time to reflect on the things we do and the way we do things.

As alpaca farmers we’ve made a conscientious decision to live in the present – to co-exist on a daily basis with a herd of alpaca (and 2 horses, 2 barn kitties and a dog)   It’s a journey that brings daily reminders that life is fluid and the way we spend our time on the farm creates in us a feeling of calm and connection with the land & with our animals.

It got us thinking more and more about what REALLY matters in todays modern world.  Is it the instant communication we enjoy with friends and family on phone calls, facebook, twitter or Instagram?  Is it the ease of working remotely and communicating with business associates and team members VIA Zoom or Teams?  Our modern electronic way of living gives us communication tools that make our lives easier and more productive.  But when the phone stops ringing, or screen time wears-thin, we retreat to other more personal pursuits -  and for us that is the process of creating.

 The simple act of creating has a calming effect.  There’s also a connection to traditions and values, a nod to the past with a forward thinking approach to just being in the moment of creation.  Is it a connection to others or a connection within ourselves?

Exploring why crafting matters became an important question for us to ask those  designers, craft people, artists,  and talented professionals who create all of our collections. 

In this month-long series we invite you to dig-deep and ask the question “why crafting matters?”  We’ve invited guest bloggers, designers, makers and artists to tell us why crafting matters to them and how it impacts not only their lives, but creates within them a calmness or connection to others or to themselves.

We hope you enjoy this series and will ponder the content and participate if you feel so inclined.  Ask yourself  why crafting matters - AND discover that calmness and connections are deep within us!


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