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Winter Weddings Alpaca Shawls

by Edward Pickering on March 11, 2015

We recently had a family wedding!   The bride-to-be was looking for something unique and special for her wedding day.  Many of the pictures were going to be taken outdoors on snow covered lane-ways and wind-swept vistas so our bride wanted something warm (Canadian warm) without bulky weight - AND complemented her wedding dress.

This February wedding called for an elegant and luxurious alpaca shawl to fend-off the cold winds - Our custom hand-knit shawl was created using 100% alpaca yarn from our prized alpaca "Aurora".  Creamy white with lustrous under-tones, the shawl wrapped the bride in warmth and looked great too!  Gathered at the front with a silk ribbon, the shawl made for easy pics on a bitter cold day - Watch for it soon in our spring collection or contact us about a custom shawl for your "big-day"


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