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Why Crafting Matters: Avery Swartz

by Edward Pickering on February 06, 2021

What are you going to knit during the pandemic? We loved asking visitors to the farm this past fall what projects they had on the go or in mind for knitting in the depths of the winter.  Meet Avery Swartz, and see what she has created using our popular lopi-weight yarn with a 100% guilt-free alpaca pom-pom 

Says Avery...”I made it myself with luxuriously soft "Earl Grey" alpaca wool from @SHEDChetwynFarms (the colour is called Earl Grey because that's the name of the alpaca it came from).  I visited their alpaca farm in Prince Edward County at Thanksgiving, and have been addicted to their yarns since.  Even the  pom-pom itself is alpaca - a 100% guilt free option, with a snap that makes it easy to remove for washing.”


Avery is the founder and CEO of Camp Tech. In addition to running Camp Tech, Avery works directly with clients as a digital advisor and tech consultant. She's the author of See You on the Internet: Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing. Avery's also a tech correspondent for the media: you may have seen her on CTV's Your Morning, heard her voice on CBC Radio, or read her small business tech column in The Globe and Mail. Avery was listed #5 on the Top 50 Women in Marketing list by Search Engine Journal.



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