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Designers we LOVE! Samantha Holmes

by Edward Pickering on July 23, 2019

Samantha Holmes is a designer we LOVE!  Operating  from her home on the west coast of Scotland, Samantha is an Art and Languages graduate from Edinburgh University,

This past spring we discovered her striking use of subtle pastel shades & colours in a range of woven and knit shawls and capes, AND the most amazing, luxurious socks we have found yet!

Samantha found her first inspiration for luxury fabrics and traditional craftsmanship in Nepal from where she imported cashmere from a small hand weaving cooperative. But it was on discovering alpaca, that she found her niche. Samantha travelled to Peru to make contact with small producer groups, most of whom she still works with now and together they continue to produce an exclusive collections of handcrafted luxury gifts, fashion accessories, Alpaca babywear, Alpaca clothing and Alpaca home ware, using only the finest micron baby alpaca wool.

Always passionate about mountainous countries, Samantha continues to work from Scotland which has its own unique textile heritage. This has a strong influence on Samantha’s designs which have moved away from the more rustic ethnic style associated with South American crafts to a classic, uncluttered, more universally appealing look.

Check-out the Wellington Wellies and the travel shawl in our on-line “shop” - a few of the offerings from this “Designer we LOVE”.



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