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Bird Songs - Taking care of our feathered Friends

We love spring on the farm.  The short days and long nights are replaced with longer daylight AND the sounds of birds chirping in the pastures.  This is the time of year we place our fleece feeders out for busy birds to collect scrap bits of alpaca fleece (that can’t be used to make yarn or felt). Spring is the typical mating season for most bird species. At that time food sources are increasing, melting snows and spring rains provide plenty of water and there will be a long, temperate season for birds to mature before winter arrives. 

The nesting season may be a few weeks long for each species as they claim a territory, attract a mate and raise one or more broods of chicks. The actual mating period for birds, however, may last only a week or two as individuals are receptive to the act of copulation, and the mating 

When birds mate is all about survival. Knowing when the bird mating season occurs and how to be a responsible birder during that time period is a great way to help birds begin each new family with the best chance for the chicks to survive. The more chicks that survive, the better successive breeding seasons will be as more birds take advantage of the best conditions to start each new generation.  We watch our fleece feeders daily to see how much fleece is being picked-up and when to replenish.  We have found the colder the spring - the more the fleece is used by birds or all kinds.


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