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The BEST Alpaca Socks - What Makes Them So Special?

If you own a pair of alpaca socks, you know what a difference they make compared to other socks in regards to warmth and comfort. Alpaca fibre has been used for centuries in the production of garments, which are known to be warm, luxurious and characteristically light-weight.

The thermal qualities of alpaca socks are widely known as the sock of choice for those wishing for a sock that is warm, soft to the touch and not as bulky as other wool or cotton socks. They are also ideal for those who are diabetic or those who suffer from chronic foot problems. Alpaca is three times warmer than wool, and has similar thermal qualities but does not have lanolin, the “prickly” characteristic of wool. This makes alpaca socks smoother to the touch, with a delightful hand-finish so it is non-irritating to sensitive feet. It is also hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to wool! 

Alpaca fibre naturally retains warmth against the skin and wicks moisture. Wicking is the ability of the fibre to pull moisture from the skin’s surface toward the outer surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate. Because of alpaca’s natural moisture wicking properties, wearing alpaca socks help to keep feet dry and hygienic, which is also extremely beneficial for our diabetic customers.


Peripheral neuropathy, which affects feet and hands, is the most common form of diabetic neuropathy and it can leave sufferers with chronically cold feet. Over the years, we have helped those with peripheral neuropathy select an alpaca sock that meets the requirement of warmth, comfort, and a loose fit that are super-soft with a looped-terry lining and non-restrictive bands. The naturally hypoallergenic alpaca fibre provides comfort for aching, cold feet and sensitive skin. Living with diabetic foot complications is a complex issue, but wearing warm socks and avoiding excessive moisture are recommended measures.


The socks we suggest for diabetics and those suffering from peripheral neuropathy, are cushioned for extra comfort and very soft against sensitive, vulnerable skin. While alpaca fibre on its own is not as durable as other fibre - with the blending of 10% nylon or other fibre, these socks are durable and can be machine washed making them as convenient as they are comfortable.

We understand that warm feet are nice for most people but a necessity for our diabetic customers, and we want to help by providing the best alpaca socks possible. Our suggested socks for diabetics are made from either our own fleece or other local fleece, milled in Ontario, Canada, and are a commitment to sustaining both the makers and the producers who understand that the unique properties of alpaca can be made sustainably and locally.

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