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A New Way of Building a Felted Slipper

by Edward Pickering on January 23, 2022

When we first started offering felted insoles and slippers, it was through trial & error that we came-up with a thickness of felt that stood the test of time, provided superior warmth & wicking properties AND was durable enough for everyday use.  

Those “Fiona” slippers are still one of the most popular felted products we offer, but many of our visitors have asked for a more form-fitting slipper that is not as chunky or thick as the original “Fiona’s”

New for 2022 These “Sophie” felt slippers are handmade from thinner, more compressed industrial felt, hand-shaped into a rolled contour.  Super comfy! A more form-fitting version of our popular “Fiona” felt slippers - they have all the alpaca fibre properties: warmth, antiseptic, antiperspirant and antibacterial along with the durability of merino wool.

Designed by Sophie Ottanêr for Chetwyn Farms.  We know you will love them as much as we do!

A note about sizes - As these slippers are hand-made, there are some slight variations in fit!  Generally they will loosen like a traditional moccasin as you wear them!   Sizes shown are unisex

Easily spot-cleaned but not washable.  Material: 40% Alpaca 60% wool with a rigid skid-proof sole on the bottom.  Pull-tab at back for comfort fit.


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