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Black Friday = Green Friday at SHED Chetwyn Farms

Our commitment to sustainable farming and the belief that alpaca fibre is not just luxurious, but one of the most sustainable, eco friendly fibres produced without harming animals has been the foundation of everything we do at Chetwyn Farms.  From the beginning we set-out to demonstrate that indeed, sustainable farming and the production of alpaca fleece, yarn and all our hand-made finished goods can be made - mindful of both the place where product is made, and the people that make them!


An essential step in changing mindset is to realize how our consumer habits can impact the environment.  It starts with understanding both the process and the end result.  Alpaca farming is one of the most sustainable forms of farming.  With a smaller agricultural footprint sustaining alpaca herds…And  their predisposition to natural grazing on grasses, alpaca thrive in natural environments, produce voluminous fibre that is natural, warm and hypoallergenic with a soft hand-feel!  What could be a better combination?


In most of North America, the production of alpaca fleece to yarn to finished goods is done on a local level, and at Chetwyn Farms this means sending our fibre to local mills to be made into socks and other cold-weather accessories.  A small group of local knitters produce much of our baby and toddler sweaters and outfits, while designers we partner with employ artisans in fair-trade countries & co-operatives. 


With Black Friday looming over us again this year, and with post-pandemic online shopping subsiding from the highs of 2020/2021 we see gaining momentum in the idea of “conscious consumerism”, being mindful about materialism and over-consumption.   We get it….Consumers want deals, but increasingly not at the cost of the planet or the people making those goods.  As a subscriber to our regular newsletters and as visitors and supporter of our farm – we know you get it, and thank-you for making a difference!



The “Green Friday” movement started in Australia many years ago before debuting in Canada and gaining traction in North America, as consumers move towards sustainable consumerism and shop locally, sustainably and mindfully!


 Remember to ask yourself before “adding to cart”

  • Will I/they use this?
  • Do I/they really need this?
  • What is the lifespan of this and how will it be used?
  • Can I find this locally?


With all alpaca product from socks to mittens, throws and wraps to hats and scarves it IS possible to answer yes to all of these questions, knowing that as a natural fibre, alpaca will last longer than synthetic materials, and be warmer, softer and a natural alternative to other materials. 


The classic luxury of alpaca is matched only by its sustainability!  Shop mindfully now and always!




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