Free Shipping on Orders $150+. Farm & Shop Opening May 21 2022 11-4 daily!


Re-opening Saturday May 21 2022 and daily thereafter from 11-4  You do NOT have to book a time this year!  Simply visit the farm during normal operating hours.  There is no cost for visits in 2021!

What is a farm visit?  While we are not a *petting zoo”, you can watch the alpaca as they move from field to paddock.  Shop for alpaca yarn, throws, blankets and wearables in the SHED - a converted chicken coop!  

What is a Farm Experience?  Join us for small informal get-togethers with an experienced alpaca handler and our herd, in the paddocks for an up-close-and-personal experience.  Learn about the alpaca and the fibre and fleece we use to create our products!  Use the “Contact Us”  form to find out more about these unique experiences.  Groups of 10 or more $25.00 per person tailored to each group.

Workshops happen on the farm on a regular basis, providing small groups with hands-on classes in animal husbandry, fibre & fleece, yarn dying and more!  Follow us on social media or read our blogs for workshop information as it happens!

* We love dogs, but please don’t bring your dog to the farm.  Alpaca fear it may be a predator and become anxious.