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2020 Collection

2020 has presented us with challenges as we deal with the effects of COVID19. Fortunately the producing of yarn from our fleece was completed in time to create some new products and expand our small-run hand-finished yarns. Even during these challenging times - The many mills, producers and makers we work with have been able to create our products with unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail. Look for new colours in our most popular items from 2019. We hope you enjoy our 2020 Spring/Summer Collection.

Throw/Blanket - The “Picton” Pom Pom


Throw/Blanket The “Milford”


Sweater - The “Sandbanks” Oversized Sweater


Throw/Blanket “The Hillier”


Throw/Blanket The “Picton Air Base Field”


Crew Neck - The “Consecon”


The “Wellington” Knit Scarf


The Alpaca Infinity Scarf


Shawl The “Travel” Shawl